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Transport week

The University took an active part in the "Transport week", which took place in Moscow from 1st  to 6th of  December.
The results of the University's participation was 6 prizes in the competition "Young scientists of the transport industry” including two first places in their areas, and also a  participation in the VIII  International Forum on the discussion direction “Science, education, business  - the area of partnership and development".
"Transport week" is an annual business event, including a series of national and international events on the issue of transport. It has been held for seven years by the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation with the organizational support of the company "Business Dialogue" for the public discussion of the most actual transportation issues and consolidation of understanding between representatives of the government and the business community.

"Transport week" is a complex of activities, which includes:
The VIII international forum "Transport of Russia";
The VIII international exhibition "Transport of Russia";
The national award for achievements in the field of transport and transport infrastructure "Equation of motion"
The coordinating transport meeting
The meeting of transport Ministers of the States-members of the Customs Union and the Eurasian economic space;
The international Congress “ROAD TRAFFIC RUSSIA. Traffic management in Russian Federation", which projects provides a solution of transport problems in cities of  Russian Federation on the basis of the best international practices;
The forum of  transport education;
The all-Russian festival of creativity of students of transport higher educational institutions "TranspArt" each year unites together more than 30 teams from 19 institutions of transport higher educational of the country;
The all-Russian sports contest of  students of transport  higher educational institutions, demonstrating high physical training of the young generation.

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