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The American football team

The American football team

The American football team went to Sevastopol for the game with the team " Titans"

The game was in quite unusual format. The Adult of the Admiral Ushakov Maritime State University "Admirals" opposed junior team "Titans". Guests won without any problems (score 59: 6). But both sides carried out with the tasks for this match.

"I'm very satisfied with the meeting. Today was the first game with a strong contender for the majority of players. The team from Novorossiysk is fledgling, as well as our junior team (we began training nine months ago). The score for all of us is not a surprise. Still, the adult team is playing with the guys who are younger. It is worth noting the discipline of "Admirals". The game was restrained and without unnecessary roughness, so our juniors have done without serious injury. In the nearest plans of the autumn tournament among junior teams in Sevastopol in the framework of the Black Sea Cup. We will prepare in parallel with the adult team "Titans" - said First & Goal head coach of the junior team "Titans" Alexander Klimenko.

"The organization of the match was perfect. Our team received great pleasure from the game. Junior guys competently acted tactically, not enough physics and experience, but that will come with time and training. The "Titans" grows a magnificent young generation. I am sure that very soon we will see juniors in the starting lineup. For our team it was the first serious departure, we did not play never so far from Novorossiysk. We got a great experience, identified mistakes, and try to work and prepare for future games," said head coach of "Admirals", a student of GMU Nikita Bolgov.