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Student’s Day

Student’s Day

On the 25th of January took place one of the large-scale events for all students of the Novorossiysk – the celebration of student’s Day .

The youth Council of the city made the decision on carrying out of creative festival and disco for all participants to ensure widespread cooperation of all the student councils and active youth . This initiative was supported by all higher and secondary educational institutions of the city, including the Admiral Ushakov Maritime State University, in the marble hall of which were attended representatives of all youth organizations of Novorossiysk Universities and Colleges.

For students was organized the contest platform on which they presented their creative and humorous numbers, trademarks and participated in the youth dance flashmob. Cadets and students, members of youth councils of their educational institutions, met at this platform in their holiday not only to have fun but also to discuss new initiatives, share their own experiences, to get new knowledge in the field of youth policy and to obtain a new charge for the next year.

After the creative festival held a youth disco for all students of Novorossiysk.