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Admiral Ushakov            

Maritime State University            



Faculty of Economics and Management




Sub-dean on study work – Docent  Rotko Lyudmila Alekseevna      


Sub-dean on study work – Docent Ksenzova Nataliya Nikolaevna

Sub-dean on educational work – 1 rank captain Sidorov Ivan Mikhaylovic

Sub-dean on educational work – Khrolikova Tatyana Alekseevna




The faculty was established on 1st January 1996

For the period of 13 years the Faculty has prepared more than 1800 new specialists for the marine industry.

The teaching staff of the faculty consists of 111 persons, including 1professor, 4 doctors of sciences, 31 docent and 50 candidates of sciences.


Study spheres in training specialists

o        Economics and Management in business(transport)

o        Organization of transportation and management on transport (sea)

o        Finances and credit

o        Accounting, analysis and audit

o        Culture and social activity

Scientific and research investigations

Economics and management in economy                       

Finances, money supply and credit

Theoretical grounds for anticrisis regulation

The problems of transformation of the domestic market of Russia and world economy

Finance-productive groups as a factor of competitiveness of Russia

  • Faculty Departments
  • Economics and Management (E&M)
  • Finances and Credit (F&C on MT)
  • Organization of transportation and Management on transport (OTMT)
  •  Culture and social activity (CSA)
  •  Theory of economy and world economy (TE&WE)
  •  History and Philosophy (HPh)
  •  Physical training and sport (PhT