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Admiral Ushakov            

Maritime State University            



Faculty of International and Marine Law








      Docent, candidate of jurisprudence




The faculty of “International and Marine Law” was established on 9th October 2005.

The teaching staff of the faculty (FIML) consists of 60 members including 2 professors, doctors of sciences and 46 docents, candidates of sciences. For the past 5 years the teachers of the faculty have published more than 25 teaching aids and methodical instructions.

First 34 graduates are to leave the faculty in 2010.

The faculty has working contacts with the Institute of Marine Law at Southampton University (Great Britain).

In 2007 the Academy was visited by a professor from Southampton who gave lectures on the theme “Safe ports and seaworthy of a ship, modern problems and ways of  solving them at law”.

The students of 3-4 year studying at FIML have possibility of practical training abroad on the territory of USA  and Cyprus. The students who have practice abroad at the University of Huston and juridical firm “Haynes and Boone” are awarded appropriate certificates. 
Currently the faculty of “International and Marine law” develops collaboration with European Law Student’s Association (ELSA) – international independent not-for-profit organization of students from juridical higher education institutions of Europe.

The main purpose of this organization is to provide students from different countries with opportunity to participate in various international conferences, seminars, to facilitate juridical education and also to have practice in one of the foreign juridical companies. In 2010 the faculty of “International and Marine Law” estimates to open its own local group, which will join the general “ELSA” group in Russia.


Spheres of training specialists

·        “Jurisprudence (international juridical specialization)”


Research work

·        suffrage;

·        felony against person;

·        juridical expertise;

·        juridical regulation of port activity;

·        juridical regulation of transport economy;

·        lawful basis for common economic area.

Departments of the faculty

·        International and marine Law”

·        “General juridical disciplines