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Rules of direction, review and publication of the articles

The editorial office of The Journal «Jekspluatacija morskogo transporta»  considers only the original articles in Russian or English language which have never been published and transferred earlier to the other editorial offices.

The articles should contain new scientific results or technical developments; the scientific survey articles, corresponding to the topic of The Journal are also accepted.

The number of authors of the article should not be more than three persons.

All materials submitted to the editorial office are tested in the retrieval system of borrowing - Antiplagiat.

The full-text versions of the articles are placed in the open access on The Journal website   and the website of Russian index of scientific citation.





In edition the author sent the following materials:

-       article;

-       external review, the seal of the organization (for graduate students - a review of the supervisor and one external review, the seal of the organization);

-       expert opinion and the results of test articles on the site (recommended to copy by pressing <Printscreen> last page of the report of the program, which shows the results referred to);

-       the author's reference (see application form. Below).


The Articles in the electronic form are sent to the editorial office – Fefelova Viktoriya

Tel: +7 (988) 345-9814

e-mail: Этот адрес электронной почты защищен от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра.

In the a paper kind materials are sent to the address: Russia, 353918, Novorossiysk, Lenin Prospect, 93 addressed to the editor of V.Y. Fefelova or in person at the Aud. U-523.


The articles formalized with a violation of the listed below requirements are not considered by the editorial office. The articles are prepared in the text editor Microsoft Word 2003-2010 and presented in the hard copy on one side of an A4 page and in the electronic copy on any data storage device or by e-mail. Automatic hyphenation is set in the text of the article. The size of the text fields is set equal to 25 mm on all sides. The page orientation is portrait. The text is typed in Times New Roman font.

The article must correspond to the following requirements:

-         the Universal Decimal Classification (UDC) is typed in capital letters, bold font, 10  pt size with left alignment;

-         first and last name of the author(s) are typed in lowercase letters, bold font, 10 pt size with right alignment; the academic degree and academic rank of the authors (if they have any of them) are typed in lowercase letters, 10 pt size with right alignment;

-         the full name of the institution is typed in lowercase letters, normal font, 10 pt size with right alignment;

-         the title of the article in Russian and English languages is typed in capital letters, bold font, 10 pt size with alignment to the center, the number of words in the title is no more than 10;

-         the annotation in Russian and English languages is typed in lowercase letters in italics, 9 pt size with alignment to the width (the annotation size is 100 ÷ 150 words in Russian, translation in English). The extended annotation in English, up to 500 words is allowed;

-         the keywords (5-10 in Russian, translation in English) must match to the title and the subject of the article;

-         the main text is typed in lowercase letters, 10 pt size with alignment to the width. The first line indent is 1.25 cm;

-         interline interval is single;

-         tables are typed in Microsoft Word text editor. Above the table its number and then its name are indicated;

-         the number and the name of figures are written under them;

-         formulas are typed using MathType 6.0.


The authors must adhere to the following generalized structure of the article:

-         introduction (topicality, the existing problems, the literature review - the volume is 1 p.);

-         the main part (formulation and description of the problem, presentment of the solving methods, the essence of the main results);

-         the discussion of the main results (1 p.);

-         the final part (proposals, conclusions - the volume is 0.5-1 p.);

-         the references list (10-20 sources).


The requirements to the references list:

-         the references list should be made out in accordance with the Russian standards and regulations. GOST R 7.0.5 - 2008 is the system of standards on information, librarianship and publishing. Bibliographic reference;

-         the references list should consist of the links to the topical scientific works published for the last 10 years in peer-reviewed scientific periodic journals indexed in the database of The russian index of scientific citation and SCOPUS (it is allowed to specify the DOI and CrossRef identifiers);

-         it is not recommended to use the references on the educational and methodical literature, non-fiction and fiction;

-         unreasonable self-citation is not welcome;

-         to the authors it is recommended to submit the version of the references list in the Roman alphabet (in Latin transliteration) on their own.



1. All scientific articles which came to the editorial office of the scientific periodical edition - «Jekspluatacija morskogo transporta» (further The Journal) - are subject to obligatory reviewing.

2. The Executive Editor of The Journal defines the compliance of article to the scientific profile of the journal, to the requirements to registration and sends the article for consideration to the editor-in-chief or his deputy who estimates the scientific level of the article and gives it to the reviewing to the doctor or the candidate of science - the recognized expert in the corresponding area of the scientific researches. The reviewer and the author of the presented article shouldn't work in one organization and shouldn't have joint scientific works. In case of need, the additional reviewers can be involved in the reviewing.

3. The terms of the reviewing are established by the executive editor taking into account the date of the edition of the regular journal and shouldn't exceed one month.

4. In the review it has to be specified:

-          correspondence of the name of the article to its content;

-          scientific novelty of the research results and their practical importance;

-          existence of the actual links to the literary sources on the article subject;

-          clarity of statement of the material and quality of the article figuration;

-          expediency of the publication of the article;

-          remarks and recommendations to the author of the article, necessity of its revision;

-          recommendations about the publication of the article in The Journal or its rejection.

-         reviews are certified by the organization's stamp where the reviewer works.


5. The editorial office of The Journal sends to the authors of the presented materials the copies of the reviews or motivated refusal.

6. The review is confidential. The author of the reviewed article is given the opportunity to study the text of the review.

7. If it's necessary and the author agrees the corrected article goes for reviewing again. The article which isn't recommended for the publication isn't accepted to reconsideration.

Existence of the positive review isn't the sufficient basis for the publication of the article. The final decision about expediency of the publication is made by the editorial board of The Journal. After making the decision about the publication of the article by the editorial board of The Journal the executive editor of The Journal informs the author about it and reports the publication terms. Originals of the reviews are stored in the editorial office of The Journal during five years.



The provided materials are initially considered by the editorial board and then transmitted to the review. After approval of the materials, coordination of the various issues with the author (if it is necessary) the editorial board informs the author about the decision to publish the article, otherwise it sends to the author the reasoned refusal.

In the event of rejection of the material due to the violation of the registration requirements or if the article is not relevant to the topic of The Journal the materials are not published and not returned.

The editorial board does not enter into a discussion with the authors of the rejected materials. The publication in The Journal is free of charge.


The author's copies are distributed by subscription.

The index for subscription Rospechat: 36701

The index for subscription Press of Russia: T36701


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