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Admiral Ushakov            

Maritime State University            



post-graduate course

The University announces admission (reception) to the post-graduate course

on the following areas of training (specialties):


Area of training



05.06.01 “Earth sciences”

03.02.08 “Ecology (watercraft)”

09.06.01 “Informatics and computer engineering”


05.13.01 “System analysis, control and information processing (on branches)

05.13.06 “Automation and management of technological processes and productions (on branches)

11.16.01 “Electronics, radio engineering and communication systems

05.12.13 “Systems, networks and devices of telecommunication

26.06.01 “Equipment and technologies of shipbuilding and water transport

05.08.05 “Ship power plants and their elements (main and auxiliary)

05.22.19 “Exploitation of water transport, navigation

38.06.01 “Economics

08.00.05 “Economy and national economy management (according to branches and spheres of activity, including: Economics, organization and management of enterprises, branches, complexes (watercraft)

40.06.01 “Jurisprudence”

12.00.01 “Theory and history of law and state; history of the doctrines of law and the state

57.06.01 “Military sciences

20.01.06 “Military training and education, battle training, military pedagogy and psychology, management of the daily activities of troops



Reception of documents: from 1 to 30 April


Entrance examinations to the postgraduate study: from 10 may to 10 June


Contact: 353918, Novorossiysk, Lenin Avenue, 93

the Department of doctoral and postgraduate studies, phone: 76-79-49