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Admiral Ushakov            

Maritime State University            




From 5 to 8 February 2018 at the University held the day of TRANSPORT SCIENCE in the framework of the forum of the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation "Transport education and science – 2018".
Scientific seminars and round tables for undergraduates and postgraduates of the University were held.
Scientific seminars were held in the following directions:
- shipbuilding and water transport equipment and technologies;
- operation of ship power plants and technosphere safety;
- actual problems of operation of ship and port technical means;
- environmental protection;
- information systems and technologies;
- jurisprudence;
- water transport management and hydrographic support of navigation;
- economy.
Within the framework of the round tables the topical problems of ship and port technical means operation, as well as the problems of legal provision of transport security in the Russian Federation were discussed.
The event was attended by more than 80 reports and attended by more than 200. The best papers will be published in scientific journals of the University.
The Department of "Economic theory, Economics and management" (ETEM) held a scientific seminar on theme:"graduate and postgraduate studies: the transfer of practical experience and scientific knowledge" and a round table on the theme: "Modern problems of the theory and practice of the organization of the market sector (transport)."

Moderators of the scientific seminar: doctor of Economics, Professor of the Department "ETEM" Botnaryuk M. V. made a presentation on the topic: "Prerequisites for the development of scientific theories and approaches" and doctor of Economics, Professor of the Department Baburina O. N. made the report on the topic: "Abot the processes of increasing concentration on the world Maritime market of linear container transportation and features of price discrimination in the market of natural monopolies".
Co-reporters: graduate students Myasnikova N. V. Lebedeva I. K. and Ryzhikova M. A. continued the topic of the report of Professor Botnaryuk M. V., adding it with interesting information, revealing the key aspects of the methodology of scientific research in the process of writing a PhD thesis. The issues under consideration generated a lively debate.
Student Mirontcova V. V. made a comparison of the market strategies under conditions of oligopoly on the example of the enterprises of transport. Master Pronkina E. S. considered the measurement indicators of monopoly power in the market of transport services. Magister Poroshkov D. S., having considered Kurno duopoly model, justified the need for support in the Maritime transport industry of large businesses in the implementation of state control over the actions of oligopolists. Borisova A. Y. paid attention to the relevance of state regulation of natural monopolies on the market of sea transport services. The presentation of magister Vanin V. V. was devoted to the study of foreign experience in determining the boundaries of the industry market and the development of Antimonopoly policy.
All participants of the round table spoke about the need for a balanced state policy in relation to the development of the industry market of transport services.