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Admiral Ushakov            

Maritime State University            



Faculty of Water Transport Operation and Navigation






Mironov Alexander Vladimirovich

Docent, Candidate of technical Science




 Deputy Dean on academic work
Chernoglazov Dmitri Grigorjevich associate Professor, candidate of technical Sciences
Buzenkov Igor Ivanovich-associate Professor, candidate of technical Sciences


Deputy Dean for educational work
Mosidze Konstantin Yakovlevich captain 1st rank


Historical reference
The faculty was established on 1 September 1975. For 30 years the Department was headed by candidate of technical Sciences, assistant Professor V.G. Matevosyan, associate Professor G.P. Kononov, candidate of technical science, assistant Professor S. I. Kondratyev.
Directions of training specialists
The faculty trains specialists for the marine merchant and marine coast services in the field of:


"Navigation" (code 180403) - term of education-5 years, qualification - specialist;
   "Navigation on sea routes”;

   "Navigation and operation of the technical fleet in unlimited navigation".


"Technical exploitation of transport radio equipment" (code 162107) - term of education-5 years, qualification - specialist (training direction "Aircraft and rocket and space equipment");
   "Radio communication and electro navigation at the Navy";
   "Technical exploitation of telecommunications systems and industrial communication";
   "Computer information systems and electronic office equipment";
   "Maintenance and exploitation of means of information protection at the enterprises of transport".


"Information systems and technologies" (code 230400) - term of training 4 years, qualification - bachelor;


"Management of water transport and hydrographic support of navigation" (180500) - term of training-4 years, qualification - bachelor;
   profile: "Information support of the transport and logistics processes on water transport";


"Information security" (code 090900) - term of training-4 years, qualification - bachelor,
   profile: "Computer security";


Faculty departments
The release departments conducts additional training and retraining of specialists on different programs. The staff of the departments includes - 128 full-time teachers, including 20 doctors, professors, and together with academic degrees and titles - 86 teachers.
The structure of faculty includes 11 departments:
The Department of “Information systems and technologies "
The Department of “ship's management”
The Department Of "Ships Navigation"
The Department of "Higher mathematics"
The Department of “Foreign languages”
The Department of "Electronics"
The Department of “Technical means of navigation”
The Department of “Vessel structure and sea practice "
The Department of “System analysis, management and information processing on water transport"
The Department of "Radio navigation at the Navy"
The Department of "Life safety"


Scientific-pedagogical activity and management of departments carry out by outstanding scientists and highly qualified specialists of the Navy. Among them are: professors, doctors of technical Sciences Plonski A.F., Heckert E.V., Vaskov A.S., Zelenkov G.A., Ponomarev G.E., Popov V.V., Prozorovsky E.E., Tenisheva V.F., candidates of Sciences IMarichev I. V., Thulci V. V., Boran - Keshishian A.L., Chernyshev V. F., Peskov Y.A, Lopatin MS, Mamaev K.P., and many others.


Training of specialists at the faculty is carried out in educational laboratories equipped with modern equipment, instruments, manuals, including 11 specialized educational computer classes equipped with modern computers, multimedia, local area networks, Internet access. In the process of education actively used exercise equipment that meets the latest requirements of the International Convention on training and certification of seafarers.


Directions of scientific research
Faculty of water transport and navigation has the scientific potential and material and technical basis for conducting of scientific researches, professional development of lecturers, improving the quality of the educational process and training of scientific-pedagogical staff. At the faculty conducts an interdepartmental scientific-research work connected with the improvement of technology of ports operation, methods and means of navigation. The main routes of scientific research of the faculty are: perspective directions of development of Maritime Radio communication systems, development of questions of safety of navigation of large vessels, development of systems of safety navigation in the South of Russia, compatible with global marine systems, GMDSS, VTS, AIS and others ; development of new ergonomics approaches to the problems of ensuring of safety navigation, taking into account the influence of the "human factor" ; development, production telemetric systems of automatics; an improvement of process of port operation and the development of technological regulations of JSC "NCSP"; technical diagnostics of ship systems; development of automated control systems of technological processes.




Departments of the Faculty

Special departments perform additional training and upgrading under various programs. The staff of the departments is 178 teachers including 25 doctors of science, professors, totally with scientific degrees and titles – 93 teachers.

The faculty consists of 12 departments:

Automatics and calculating facilities;

Ship Handling;

* Navigation

* Mathematics;

* Foreign language;


* Navigation technical facilities;

* Ship’s arrangement theory;

* Safety seafaring