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Admiral Ushakov            

Maritime State University            




Institutions and its branches are currently implementing the main educational programs:

1) secondary general education - 2;

2) secondary vocational education (ACT) of swimming specialties - 5;

3) higher education with qualification (degree) "specialist" ("engineer") - 16, of which 4 are swimming and 3 transport specialties;

4) higher education with the assignment of qualification (degree) "bachelor" - 14, of which 1 sea and 3 transport;

5) higher education with assignment of qualification (degree) "master" - 8;

6) training of scientific personnel - 9, of which 2 are maritime and 5 are transport;

7) additional professional educational programs - 178 programs, including more than 100 different training courses (retraining) for crew members of sea-going vessels;

8) training programs for 10 maritime professions.

The volume of training under the programs of ACT, VO and postgraduate study is about 10 thousand people, including on the internal form of training - 7 thousand rubles. human. The volume of training (retraining) and advanced training of crew members of sea-going vessels reached 38,965 people in 2013 alone.

In the university faculty of military training (3 military departments), reserve officers for the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation are trained in 9 military-registration specialties with assignment of rank and transfer to the reserve. The total amount of training is 1577 people.

5-t, including: technical, economic, biological, legal, military.