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About Journal

The scientific journal «Jekspluatacija morskogo transporta» in 2006 is the periodical edition. It is registered by the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology, and Mass media (The certificate of registration of mass media on April 28, 2014 is PE № FS 77-57983). The Journal was assigned the International Standard Serial Number ISSN 1992-8181.


The Founder and the Publisher: Admiral Ushakov Maritime State University


The Editor in Chief - doctor of technical Sciences, professor, rector of Admiral Ushakov Maritime State University  Kondrat'ev Sergej Ivanovich.



The Journal is included in the list of leading peer-reviewed scientific magazines and editions where the basic scientific results of theses for the degree of doctor and candidate of sciences should be published (The list of the Higher Attestation Commission).

Since 2008, The Journal has been included in the database "Russian Index of Science Citation".

The Journal is addressed to professor and teaching staff, graduate students, university staff and scientific organizations in Russia and abroad, as well as practical workers of enterprises and organizations of water transport.

The periodicity of The Journal publication is 4 editions per year. The Journal is opened for scientific creative work of authors on the topical issues of science and technology in the field of water transport in the creation of a stable readership.

Articles are published in Russian and English languages.

The articles are carefully selected according to the criteria of novelty, topicality, scientific and practical significance, the real possibility of the use of new technologies on water transport described in these articles. On the content the articles should match the name of The Journal, its goals and objectives. The articles are reviewed by independent experts.

The main purpose of The Journal is the publication of significant scientific results of fundamental and applied researches, developments, performed in the scientific institutions. The Journal publishes the articles on a wide range of the theoretical and applied problems of the water transport on the main groups of specialties in accordance with the nomenclature of specialties of scientific workers:


Section Managing transport and transport technologies:

         • 05.22.01 Transport and Technological Systems of the Country, its Regions and Cities, the Organization of Manufacture on Transport

         • 05.22.08 Management of Processes of Transportations

         • 05.22.19 Sailing charter operation, navigation

Section Navigation and navigation software:

         • 05.22.17 Waterways of the message and hydrography;

         • 05.22.19 Sailing charter operation, navigation

         • 05.13.01 System analysis, management and information processing (on   branches).

Section Ship power installations, systems and devices:

         • 05.08.05 Ship power installations and their elements (main and       auxiliary);

         • 05.13.06 Automated Control Systems of Technological Processes and          Manufactures (on Branches).

Section Economy:

         • 05.22.19 Sailing charter Operation, navigation.

Section Ecology:

         • 05.08.05 Ship power installations and their elements (main and       auxiliary).


The index for subscription Rospechat: 36701

The index for subscription Press of Russia: T36701


The Release Schedule of The Journal: 

The Quarter

The Deadline for submission of the articles


until 15th March


until 15th June


until 15th September


 until 15th December


The Articles in the electronic form are sent to the editorial office – Fefelova Viktoriya

Tel: +7 (988)345-9814

e-mail: Этот адрес электронной почты защищен от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра.


The requirements for the articles can be found in Rules of direction, review and publication of the articles.

The full-text electronic version of The Journal is in open access for the readers. By using the materials it is necessary to refer to The Journal and the authors of the articles.

The publication of the articles in The Journal is free.