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Admiral Ushakov            

Maritime State University            



modeling in the classroom "C"

On the basis of the State Maritime University named after Admiral F. F. Ushakov were competitions individual competitions: Krasnodar region in modeling in the classroom "C" - poster (Board) for ship - models in the "Cup of the Bay Tsemess 2015"

The event was held at the University for the first time. The organizers managed to gather in the marble hall of the University unique works from all over the country. In addition to the right to claim the trophy of the championship, the participants competed for victory in sections. Those in the "C" class were many:

C1 — bench models of sailing ships.

C2 — bench models of military and civil courts.

C3 — fragments of ships and dioramas.

C4 — micro model.

C5 — poster model ships in bottles.

C6 — bench model ships from plastic kits industrial.

C7 — bench model ships made of paper.

S8 — bench models made of industrial wood kits (Woodenkit)

Three days judging team intently examined the participants ' works to the end to make a difficult decision. In each section the winners were identified, for two hours, the judges led by Chairman of the Federation of Krasnodar territory of ship sport Sevenseven A. P. is awarded to participants medals, Souvenirs about the city and gifts.

At the closing have been determined and holders of the Grand Prix, here are the authors whose models deserve special attention and were Champions of the Tsemesskaya Bay – 2015:

C3 – Dmitry Shevelev, Nizhniy Novgorod model "Frigate "La Belle Bullets""

C5 – Mr. koontz, Feodosiya, Republic of Crimea model "Diorama "Ships of Magellan"

C2 – Nikolay Rumyantsev, Kostroma – model "Destroyer PR. 56A "Conscious"