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Solemn event dedicated to the national flag day

Solemn event dedicated to the national flag day

Festive event devoted to the  day of state flag of the Russian Federation took place on the  training sailing ship "Khersones".

At  presence of honorable  guests  at the ceremonial parade the national flag  was hoisted under sounds of the anthem of Russia. Before the cadets of the marine educational institutions FAMRT ("Admiral Ushakov Maritime State University", " Admiral Makarov State University of sea and river ", "Volga state University of water transport"), made the speech the Deputy commander of the Black sea fleet rear Admiral Orekhov Y. I., assistant of the Sevastopol district  father Stephanos, the captain of the sailing training ship "Khersones" and the administration of  "Admiral Ushakov Maritime State University".

In  congratulatory speech sounded the history and meaning of the national  flag of  Russian Federation. Noted that the State flag appeared in Russia at the turn of XVII-XVIII centuries, during  the era of the formation of Russia as a powerful state. For the first time white-blue-red flag was raised on the first Russian warship "eagle", during the reign of the father of Peter I - Alexei Mikhailovich. The legitimate "father" of the tricolor recognized Peter I. On the 20th of January  1705 was  issued a decree, according to which white-blue-red flag should be raised on merchant ships. First of all, the white color represents the purity of thought of the Russian people, blue color - state, red color – courage.

The captain of a sailing ship  thanked  honorable  guests for their active participation in the celebrations devoted to Day of national Flag on the frigate “Khersones”.