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A round table on the theme "Youth and human rights»

The University held a round table on theme "Youth and human rights" on April 11th .

It was attended by students of the 1st course of the direction "Jurisprudence" and students of 2 and 3 courses of the direction "State and municipal management".

The organizer was PhD in law associate Professor of " Theory and history of state and law " Zlivko Alla Pavlovna.

In the course of the discussion student Salmin Michael made a presentation on the development of human rights in Russia; Fedoseeva Vlada introduced to the audience the universal Declaration of human rights. With reflections on the relevance of the universal Declaration and its understanding acted as a US citizen Andrei Batukov, as a representative of the former Soviet Union Maxim Kalashnikov and as a representative of the Russian Federation – Antonyan Garnik. Each of them expressed its view on the need to adopt a Declaration and justified its adoption.

Then A. P. Zlivko noted that many provisions of the universal Declaration became the basis of Chapter 2 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation "human and citizen's Rights and freedoms" and that human rights reflect the measure of his freedom and responsibility. She suggested to consider personal rights, socio-economic, cultural and political rights of citizens of the Russian Federation.

The roundtable moved on to discussion of these rights, and the reports were made by students Cherkashina Anastasia , Lefterova Christina and Avetisyan Naira.

Antonyan Garik made a presentation on the observance of rights in modern Russia.

In conclusion presentation made the following experts - Deputy Director of the Institute of Maritime transport management, Economics and law Khrolikova T. A., associate Professor of "Maritime law" Litvin T. A., lecturer of the department " Theory and history of state and law " Shvets O. V., the head of the Department of " legal Proceedings " Pylenko I. V. They proposed to devote the whole series of events to human rights and observance of these rights in Russia.