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Admiral Ushakov            

Maritime State University            




"Day of youth science" and scientific-practical conference " NEW GENERATION in SCIENCE-2018» is held at the University On March 23, 2018

Section 1. Operation of water transport and navigation.

Subsection 1.1. Life safety and labor protection on ships.

Subsection 1.2. Management of water and multimodal transportation, economic and mathematical modeling.

Section 2. Electronics, radio systems and communications.

Section 3. Information systems and technologies.

Section 4. Natural science. Mathematical and computer simulation.

Subsection 4.1. Mathematical methods of research and computer simulation.

Subsection 4.2. Physics.

Subsection 4.3.Graphic and computer methods of research Section 5. Humanities.

Subsection 5.1. Intercultural communication in a foreign language. Subsection 5.2. History and philosophy.

Subsection 5.3. Sociology and political science.

Subsection 5.4. Pedagogy, psychology and cultural studies.

Subsection 5.5. Physical culture and sport.

Section 6. Operation of ship power plants.

Section 7. Systems of automation and control of objects, technologies, processes

Section 8. Technological machines and complexes, operation of ports and transport terminals.

Section 9. Technosphere safety and ecology.

Section 10. Economy.

Subsection 10.1. Scientific and practical approaches to solving problems of economy and transport management.

Subsection 10.2. Economics and management of transport: innovative aspects of development.

Section 11. Technology of transport processes, transport management and logistics.

Section 12. Jurisprudence.

Subsection 12.1. Theory and history of state and law, constitutional right.