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Institute of Maritime Transport Management, Economics and Law

40.03.01 Jurisprudence (profile International and Maritime Law with in-depth study of the English language). The specialty of a lawyer is in demand in any field. Our graduate works: as a lawyer; a notary; judge; the prosecutor; an investigator; legal advisor in the company; government or municipal employees; an employee in the tax, migration, customs service; in local government bodies; registry office; the pension fund of the Russian Federation; a teacher of legal disciplines at the university. The profile «International and Maritime Law» provides an in-depth knowledge of the English language and special disciplines. The shortage of professional personnel in the field of maritime transport is quite significant. We are looking for lawyers in transport companies with specific experience, knowledge of the intricacies of maritime law. A maritime lawyer is a specialist in the law of the sea. The maritime lawyer has general knowledge of civil law and process and is well versed in the regulatory legal acts governing cargo transportation, storage, freight forwarding and freight, understands disputes on the merits of maritime law. A maritime lawyer understands the intricacies of maritime legislation, has special knowledge related to the specifics of the functioning of the maritime industry. Such lawyers are trained at the State Maritime University.

38.03.04 State and municipal administration (profile State administration and legal regulation). «State and municipal administration» is a direction of training specialists oriented to work in the system of state and municipal administration. State and municipal administration is a launching pad for those who want to become a professional official. A graduate can carry out professional activities: in the positions of the state civil service of the Russian Federation: from a specialist to a minister in federal and regional ministries, agencies and services; on positions in state and municipal organizations and institutions: specialist, head of a department in the administration, mayor's office of cities and towns; in law enforcement, customs, tax authorities, bodies of social protection of the population, pension fund; in research and educational organizations: a teacher of social disciplines; in political parties; in socio-political and non-profit organizations.
38.03.01 Economics (profile Financial Engineering, Internet Marketing, Business Analytics). Economists are unique specialists who are equally proficient in economic, management and information tools. Graduates who have received education in the training program «Financial Engineering, Internet Marketing, Business Analytics» can hold the following positions: head of the analytical, information, economic department of any state structure, commercial company or own enterprise, business analyst, promotion consultant and sales of software products or complex technical systems, Internet marketer, network or database administrator, information systems implementation specialist, infocommunication or software project manager, information security specialist, corporate information systems management organizer, cryptocurrency specialist, ERP consultant systems (Enterprise Resource Planning) in the fields of transport – finance, personnel management, transport, logistics, marketing, production. An economist can become an entrepreneur and grow his business without resorting to the services of an accountant. An economist graduate is a carrier of modern high technologies in all areas of economic activity. Such specialists are currently the most in demand and highly paid.
23.03.01 Technology of transport processes (profile Organization of transshipment processes in transport hubs and ports). A graduate of the training area 23.03.01 «Technology of transport processes» is competitive in the labor market, since he has all the necessary skills, abilities and knowledge to perform labor functions in seaports; shipping companies; container shipping enterprises; transport and forwarding companies; surveyor, agency and logistics firms. A graduate can work: a stevedore, a specialist in the field of transport and forwarding services, a dispatcher in seaports; charterer, operator, bunkering specialist, shipping agent, superintendent, freight broker in shipping companies; in the field of container transportation (specialist of the import cargo department, engineer, specialist in freight activity); in freight forwarding companies (freight forwarder, specialist in the forwarding department, supply and logistics engineer); in survey companies (tallyman-sampler, surveyor-surveyor).
26.03.01 Management of water transport and hydrographic support of navigation (profile Management of transport systems and logistics services in water transport). The knowledge and skills acquired by specialists in the field of training 23.0301 «Management of water transport and hydrographic support of navigation» profile «Management of transport systems and logistics services in water transport» are focused on the management and organization of management in the field of water transport. In what field can a graduate work: management and organization of delivery of goods and passengers using various types of transport (sea, rail, road, air, pipeline) with the provision of their effective interaction (multimodal transportation); management of the work of a transport company (shipping company, logistics operator, forwarding, agency and other service companies). The provided intensive language training forms high communication skills and readiness for independent work with foreign partners. Graduates of this specialty are in demand in state and commercial transport organizations and companies and can work: in the Administration of seaports, in organizations of Rosmorport; at the Harbor Master's Office; in the Marine Rescue Service; transport service specialist; logistician of multimodal transportation, transport safety engineer.
38.05.02 Customs (profile Customs control at sea checkpoints). Customs specialists provide not only customs control of goods and vehicles transported across the customs border, but also their clearance. The main competitive advantages of the profession «Customs specialist» include: the universality of the specialty, which makes it possible to work in various fields of activity: customs, economic and law enforcement; the demand for specialists in the labor market, both in government bodies and in enterprises engaged in foreign economic activity; interaction with other state authorities, control and supervisory and law enforcement agencies; high and stable wages, additional payments, allowances; benefits from the state. Possible areas of professional activity of the graduate include: customs authorities; customs declarant, representative; foreign economic activity; transport and logistics companies; state authorities; commercial banks and insurance organizations serving participants in foreign economic activity; business structures.
42.03.05 Media communications (profile Content Management). Media communications is a young and rapidly developing industry, so it is not difficult for graduates to find work. They can get a job in the media (print, TV, radio, Internet), in advertising, production and PR-agencies, publishing houses, press services, recording studios. This can be a full-time job, freelance work, or your own business. Income depends on the qualifications of the specialist, the number of orders and the scale of the project. Often, a media communications specialist can work remotely or on a free schedule, which allows for more flexibility in planning personal time or combining a profession with other activities. Graduates with good knowledge of a foreign language can work in foreign or international companies. The science program is focused on the training of specialists in demand on the market who will face the digital environment in institutions of different profiles – in commercial companies, government organizations, cultural industry organizations (museums, galleries, theaters, etc.), and education: producers of multimedia projects, content-managers, copywriters, SMM-specialists, specialists in visual communication of sites, traffic managers, editors, videographers.
43.03.01 Service (Transport and tourism services, hospitality). Service today is an activity with a great future. Service is the fastest growing and most profitable industry in the world. Globally, more than 70% of the population is employed in the service sector. Russia is not lagging behind global trends. The share of services in Russia's GDP over the past 15 years has increased from 30 to 60%. The need for specialists of this profile is also growing. The development of agro-, ethno- and gastro-tourism in the region is currently a new and interesting trend. Graduates of the 43.03.01 «Service» direction of training can work as heads of enterprises in the field of service, tourism, hotel business, chief specialists of enterprises providing a wide range of services. The area of professional activity of graduates of the 43.03.01 «Service» training area includes service processes that ensure the provision of services to the consumer. Tourism, hotel and restaurant business is one of the most profitable types of business. It is distinguished by the possibility of realizing the creative and organizational, communicative abilities of the individual. Resolving issues of interaction with clients, promoting hotel and restaurant services, managing the organizational and technological processes of service enterprises determine the content of this business. Competitive advantages: the ability to open your own business. Formation of universal professional competencies that meet international standards. Reasons to choose a program:
1. The ability to reveal the creative, communicative and organizational abilities of the individual.
2. Striving to implement their own ideas for organizing service in the hotel and restaurant business.
3. Gaining confidence in future stable earnings and competitiveness in the labor market.
4. Possibility of a wide choice of places for passing industrial and pre-diploma practices at Russian and foreign enterprises of the hotel and restaurant business with subsequent employment. Employment of graduates: world famous foreign hotel chains, large national hotel complexes, cafes and restaurants of various levels. The program provides students with a wide range of knowledge on organizing a service in the field of tourism: service quality management, work with personnel, financial, transport aspects of the tourism business, marketing and advertising.
37.03.01 Psychology (profile Psychological Consulting). In the modern world, psychology actively enters the life of everyone; top managers of large companies resort to the services of consultants who help to achieve success in various spheres of life, all those who intend to succeed in any area: business, study or personal development. You will get acquainted with the basics and tools of counseling, use the directions of psychological counseling aimed at unlocking a person's capabilities, personal growth and achieving goals, using various requests, using remote counseling methods. You will learn new and interesting disciplines:
1. Methods and technologies of coaching – studying the patterns of integrity in any professional activity, using a practical tool, mastering the skills of teamwork between a client and a coach in a life or professional field.
2. Time management – technologies of time and increasing the efficiency of its use.
3. Career coaching – the basics of career guidance, building a careerogram.
4. Strategy for the promotion of psychological services, personal coach – methods and rules of self-presentation, determination of the target audience, development of a promotion strategy, an algorithm for creating a personal brand. What are the graduates of the «Psychological Counseling» training profile working for? The program is focused on training specialists in demand on the market, contributing to the development of various profiles – in commercial companies, government organizations, cultural industry organizations (museums, galleries, theaters, etc.), Science and education: consultant psychologists; corporate psychologists; career consultants; coaches; psychologists in educational institutions, HR managers.
44.03.04 Professional training (by industry) (profile Foreign languages in the professional field). Knowledge of foreign languages is the most important competence in the modern global world. At our University, we train unique specialists who speak English and know maritime English. The direction «Foreign languages in the professional sphere» gives you the opportunity to master a number of professions related to educational, intercultural, service and teaching activities, to get a demanded and prestigious specialty, to see the whole world. What can a graduate do?
In the field of education:
1. The teacher of preschool education.
2. Teacher of English for secondary and elementary schools.
3. Teacher of English in colleges and technical schools.
4. Assistant-translator.
In the field of service and shipping business:
1. Steward of river and sea cruise liners.
2. Office work and translation in ship and crewing companies.
3. Guide-interpreter. If you love communication, movement and new experiences, then this is the perfect job for you. There are lots of pluses. A good material component, useful/interesting contacts, the opportunity to see new places and countries, the opportunity to get the opportunity to work in the future.
4. Tourism manager. Knowledge of foreign languages can play an excellent service when moving up the career ladder in the tourism business. This is an incredibly interesting and promising field of activity.